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NYC.com features detailed reviews of hundreds of top New York restaurants written by our editors and visitors, as well as reviews of every type of cuisine and recommendations of great places to eat in all five boroughs. Also check out our gourmet guide, our guide to dining on a budget, and our all-new Best of New York Restaurants guide!

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Best Restaurants in NYC

With detailed reviews of hundreds of New York's top restaurants in painstakingly-sorted detail, our NYC.com guide to eating in New York will whet any appetite. You can find the best Asian cuisine or the best Philly cheesesteak, as well as our unbeatable suggestions for romantic destinations, dining deals, and neighborhood legends.

One of New York City's greatest modern traditions, Restaurant Week allows locals and tourists alike to sample the fare of the city's many amazing eateries at great savings. From prix fixe lunch menus for $25 a person to sumptuous dinners for $38, Restaurant Week is an irresistible way to explore the culinary map of the Big Apple! (Notes: not available in conjunction with any other offers, not all restaurants offer both lunch and dinner prix fixe menus, restaurant week menus are not available on Saturdays or Sunday. NYC Restaurant Week happens twice a year in winter and summer. Deals are not valid outside of those two weeks.)
New York's most popular and highest-ranked restaurants, all described and reviewed in depth here. Read about the absolute best restaurants in New York, the celebrity chefs, their five-star properties and their supremely high standards.
Looking for New York dining deals? Stretch your food dollars even further with our long list of cheap eats, places you'll get your fill and have a great meal.
For those looking to literally dine out, these restaurants are the apex of New York's considerable cache of alfresco options (or New York's en plein air dining, if you're in the mood for French).
While the characters in Mad Men seem to keep strictly liquid diets, rich in vitamin M (martinis), they do, on occasion, temper their drinking with food, usually in the classiest of joints, with all the charm of the era as their appetizers. The restaurants below include some actual locations from the show and a smattering of New York's finest, most ageless eateries, all perfect for recreating that elegant heyday of the advertising industry!
New York's celebrity chefs offer world-class cuisine in attractive settings with legendary service at their top-ranked restaurants. These are venues that you'll never forget and will want to visit over and over. After all, New York has a higher concentration of famous chefs than any other city.
New York City may wrestle back and forth with Los Angeles and San Francisco as the food capital of the country, but when 31 of the 100 top grossing restaurants in the country are here, it's hard to argue that anyone has a bigger food industry.
Romantic dining in New York offers so many wonderful possibilities. Wondering where to take that special someone on an important occasion? NYC.com offers you a full list of editor picks for romantic dining with impressive cuisine and service.
If you'd like a side of celebrity to go with your meal, these restaurants attract the rich and famous better than any other eateries in New York City.
Although quite a number of brunch locales in New York City offer all-you-can-drink brunches, given the ever-changing breakfasting environment and brunch menu offerings, we can provide the list below with a caveat: Brunchers beware, and call in advance to determine whether these fine locales are still offering the all-you-can-drink option.
Whether it's your first time out together or the hundredth time you've gone out, a great date doesn't have to break the bank. Here are some amazingly cheap and surprisingly amazing spots that will give you more bang for your buck.
A handpicked selection of esteemed restaurateurs, The Restaurant and Bar Collection is more than the finest dining in New York City. It is the single most important destination for dining in the country. Boasting award-wining establishments from the likes of Chefs Thomas Keller, Masa Takayama, Michael Lomonaco and Marc Murphy, as well as entrepreneur Rande Gerber, this collection is world-renowned dining at its best.
From hot dogs to dry-aged steaks, Brooklyn has become every bit the culinary juggernaut that Manhattan claims to be, with some of the most sensational traditional food and even more inventive cuisine than you'll find in the most well-known corners of New York
While you can find every sort of cuisine in the Big Apple, the best of all cuisines is the native fare, which is why it should surprise no one that New York City is home to some of the best American restaurants in the country, from traditional to Southern-style barbecue to modern menus!
There's really nothing like a New York bagel, so delicious, chewy and great at any time of day. NYC.com guides you to the best of the best.
Some of the world's finest breads, cakes, pastries and confections can be found across New York City. Read about where to buy these great products from New York's best bakeries.
Finger-lickin' good barbecue can be had all over NYC, with differing levels of authenticity. Check out all our recommendations here.
Whether you seek the perfect omelette with toast, a cappuccino or latte, a crossaint with jam or a bagel with schmear, or anything else, our recommendations guide you to the perfect way to start your day.
While the French—and particularly those clever culinary Parisians—have the market cornered on bistros, they're not the only game in town. Here are a few of our favorite bistros, French and otherwise.
Brazilian cuisine, with its vast variety of dishes, is a perfect compliment to New York City, and the smattering of restaurants serving the South American fare are as diverse as their influences.
New Yorkers love to brunch on the weekends, and visitors should try to be a bit aggressive to jockey for a table as the natives do. Most visitors aren't accustomed to making reservations for brunch, but at many of the most popular brunch places, do call in advance to make reservations. Brunches are relatively affordable, and some include a Bloody Mary or Mimosa with the fixed-price brunch.
Seems everyone is opening a burger joint these days, but not all burgers are equal in stature. Our list of best selections guides you to the most sizzling burgers in town.
A select few restaurants come with the ultimate pleasure: bringing your own beer/booze (or wine, really). We've done the research, pounded the pavements, and found the best restaurants to match your favorite wine to your favorite cuisine!
From one port town to another, there's nothing New Yorkers appreciate like some real Cajun cooking.
We beat buffalo in tangy and spicy wings, and NYC.com takes you to the finest wing establishments.
Whether you prefer old-school Cantonese cuisine or seek out the latest Sichuan or Xinjiang-style barbecue or western-style glitzy fusion, NYC.com knows all the best places.
The best of the best come to New York to seek fame and success, and it's no different with chocolatiers and candy men. Check out our collection of the best places to satiate your sweet tooth!
Looking for a place to sit and drink a cup of Joe? Perhaps somewhere with wireless internet so you can leverage your caffeine addiction against the risk of a java spill that reduces your laptop to a paperweight? These are the out-and-out best coffee shops in New York City—and therefore, very likely, the world!
Towering platters of intriguing appetizers as well as sky-high sandwiches abound at classic New York delis. There are pickles galore, corned beef, pastrimi and a smorgasbord of other famous offerings to be had.
The most delicious and sinful chocolate, pastries, and other confections to be found in New York, a city well-known for its sweet tooth!
Although there is still a timeless almost classic quality to the New York diner experience, hearkening back to Edgar Hopper's "Nighthawks" painting from 1942, the number of diners in Manhattan has been falling of late, with the number in Brooklyn now exceeding the number in Manhattan. Our NYC.com list below covers a wide variety of them that are still thriving, from the upscale to the greasy spoon.
Wrested from the hands of the Dutch by English settlers, New York City has always had an affinity for all things Anglo (except for those few tiffs we had between 1773 and 1812; the Boston harbor still smells like Lipton to this day). Here are the best of the bunch—don't be surprised when you find a few pubs included.
While the debate over the overall carbon footprint reduction may still be up in the air, the culinary results of chefs working with local farms to source the freshest produce, most sustainable meats, and the best in seasonal ingredients speak for themselves. If you want the least amount of distance between production and plate, these restaurants are your best bets for farm-to-table fare.
Whether a luxurious four-star dinner at Le Bernardin or a simple brasserie meal, you'll find the best of Gallic cuisine utterly enchanting in New York.
It wouldn't be America if we didn't fry the living bajeezus out of things, and these restaurants have mastered that particular art with a deft culinary aptitude that keeps the favored meat steeped in flavor.
New York's history has always been a mosaic, a patchwork landscape, and the German immigrants were one of the strongest and longest waves in the city's history. They brought with them an even-longer-standing tradition of homeland cooking, the unmistakable flavors of their native country, and to this day, you can still find amazingly faithful German cuisine at these great restaurants.
Whether you're on a health kick or just want to get maximum nutritional value out of your meal, we can recommend a number of places where you'll get lots of vitamins—and great flavor to boot.
As much as the city loves coffee and tea, sometimes the weather calls for something more drastically warming.
For those reluctant to partake of the time-honored tradition of New York's omnipresent hot dog carts, we've selected the absolute best of the burgeoning hot dog scene in the city. You're sure to relish these tasty American classics!
New Yorkers love ice cream and gelato—especially during the unforgiving summer months—and the artisans of the five boroughs have a long history of icing that desire with skill and ingenuity. From handmade ice cream to scientifically perfected gelato, from trucks that seem to stalk you mockingly all around the city to actual gelato laboratories, there's no corner of the cold, sweet science left unilluminated by the purveyors of New York's frozen treats!
With two bright stripes of Manhattan playing host to the city's biggest concentrations of the best in Indian cuisine, New York has always been marked by its love affair with the spicy fare. From Little India to the East Village's 6th Street and everywhere else, these are the places that sate the craving for chana masala, tandoori chicken, and all those other delicious dishes.
You'd be hard-pressed to find better Italian food outside of the country itself than can be had at New York's finest and most authentic Italian restaurants!
Fish so fresh you would swear it was just flown in from Tsukiji in Tokyo: and it was! Read our recommendations for sushi, sashimi, ramen, yakitori and kaiseki.
Looking for a place to eat with the kids? These kid-friendly restaurants in New York City are recommend for their appealing menus, kid-friendly portions, creative themes, convenient locations, and reasonable prices.
When an area of a city builds a reputation for hosting the best restaurants for a particular cuisine, the neighborhood lets you know. Just like Chinatown, K-town (Koreatown) is rife with unbelievable Korean fare. Here, you'll find the best of the best, both in K-town and around the five boroughs.
For the city that never sleeps, late-night and around-the-clock eats are a crucial part of the urban landscape. Here are some of the city's best bets.
If there's a more contentious food in America, we're not aware of it. Meatballs are the topic of many one-up battles between families, friends, and even these New York restaurants—as chosen by your New York City Experts—that feature the best of the best.
Transport yourself to the Zócalo of Mexico City or to the Yucatán or even Puebla or Veracruz—you'll enjoy the many diverse dishes of regional Mexican cuisine in New York, whether at white-tablecloth establishments or humble taco trucks.
There's nothing more cooling and satisfying on a hot summer day than a refreshing milkshake. From black and white, to strictly chocolate, strawberry, or vanilla, to the stunning varieties the artisans of the five boroughs have come up with, here are the best milkshakes in New York City!
For every corner of the world, there is a corner of New York! Check out these hand-picked restaurants to find the city's best Moroccan cuisine.
You might just think you're at Jim's Steaks in Philly at some of these places.
The best pizza on either side of Italy can be found in New York City, and while opinionated New Yorkers are quite particular about their pies we offer you a number of top selections to choose from.
Every September, as fall waxes and October approaches, the raucous German celebration known as Oktoberfest comes to New York City, with more lederhosen and schnitzel than you can shake eine kleben at!
The lower classes of food have always been the best crowd pleasers—lobster, of course, started out as the food fishermen ate because no one else wanted it—and in the era of haute dogs and gourmet artisanal pizzas, it's not altogether surprising that ramen—those delicious little noodles that got most of America's college graduates through their bachelor's degrees—is enjoying its own renaissance of chic comeuppance.
For a city of so much cement and asphalt, New Yorkers see an awful lot of greenery on a daily basis. And that's not including the greens they eat every day, like the amazing salads from these local favorites.
There are plenty of fish in the sea, which has naturally translated to a rich and bountiful seafood industry in New York City. They might be caught locally or flown in from the far end of the earth, but as long as you stick with these NYC.com expert picks, you're sure to be in for fresh, delicious aquatic fare.
With so many New Yorkers having roots in the South, it's become harder and harder for restaurateurs to pull off bad soul food and get away with it. And while the city may be north of the Mason-Dixon, these restaurants prove that authentic soul food is never more than a subway away.
New York's love affair with Spanish food has paid off handsomely, with unbelievably good restaurants cropping up all over, each one better than the last. But you'll find the very best right here.
No other city in America has so many top-notch steakhouses. You'll find every cut of beef imaginable at New York's superior steakhouses, served with flair and panache. Expect a dizzying array side dishes, excellent wines, and atmosphere like nowhere else.
We like to make the distinction between great Japanese restaurants and places to get sushi because—as most New Yorkers have found out the hard way—the two aren't necessarily the same. Here's where to get your sushi on in the best possible fashion.
From crunchy to soft shells, meat-rich or meat-less, and on both sides of the Great Cilantro Divide, New York City slings some of the best tacos you'll find outside of Mexico, some that rival even the haughty, over-proud California taco joints. Here are our favorite pictures for best tacos in the city!
Once an underrepresented slice of world cuisine, Thai food can now be found in startling numbers around the city. Luckily, we've put together a list of sure-fire hits for those craving their Thai fix.
While dinner in the Theater District can be a multi-course fixed price affair, it need not be. With so many vibrant new restaurants on and around Broadway, you'll find all types of cuisine to please any palate!
Find yourself working in or near Tribeca? Here are some of the best take away lunch joints. We even snuck in a few places in Hudson Square and SoHo for when the weather is nice!
It makes perfect sense that one of the most forward-thinking culinary cities in the world should have a generous helping of great vegetarian restaurants. Here are the New York City Experts' favorites.
Everyone loves a good burger—even vegans and vegetarians—and who are the restauranteurs of New York not to oblige? Built from all different sorts of meat stand-ins and made even more unique from there, you can be sure that the chefs who care enough to offer the option of a veggie burger have too much pride to simply stop there!
New York City's many hotels are all in on the ever-escalating restaurant game, and with only a few exceptions, hotel restaurants are expertly-staffed, beautifully decorated, superbly executed bastions of culinary excellence. Here, your New York City Experts provide an extensive, comprehensive guide to the city's hotel restaurants.
Have dinner at exciting venue, whether at a steakhouse, or a live music venue, or soul food & jazz, or with a Broadway show, and even consider a chauffeured limousine or a carriage ride en route!
Our New York City Expert picks for the food-centric neighborhood of Park Slope in Brooklyn.
Williamsburg's eclectic personality is mirrored quite heavily by its breadth of restaurant offerings. As usual, the cream rises to the top with the New York City Experts!
What are generally referred to as as cheap eats in dining guides these days are everywhere to be had in the East Village. In some instances, the dining recommendations we make here are really better suited for take-out, while others are super cheap and great if you are pressed for time and just want to eat on-the-go. Finding a sit-down lunch or dinner in New York City that is tasty and under $10 is like finding the proverbial needle in the haystack. You may never find one, but some of these East Village dining options sure can help.
From March 15 to March 25 enjoy three-course lunches and dinners for just $21/$25. It's a great deal and a real steal! Note: Prices do not include beverages, tax or gratuity.
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