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Trip Planning & Essentials

All you need to know to plan your trip to New York City: get your orientation and information, from Broadway tips to foreign visitor information, hotel basics, insider info, visa waiver program, weather facts, when to go and where to stay.

Tricks and tips for those tourists and visitors that are understandably Broadway-bound.
New York is a cosmopolitan city inhabited by people from all over the world. People and businesses here are generally very welcoming to international tourists. Most of the tourist attractions and larger department stores have information, brochures and tours in major world languages. Many even have staff who speak these languages.
Where you stay while visiting New York City is obviously dependent on many factors, ranging from your budget to what your goals are while visiting New York. Our comprehensive Hotel Section should be able to assist you in finding appropriate accommodations. You can also rest easy in knowing you are getting the lowest rate available, as we guarantee all of our rates!
How to act like a native and get the most out of New York City during your stay.
When most visitors think of New York City, they are thinking of Manhattan and its skyline famous the world over. But New York City is much more than just Manhattan!
Tourist areas in Manhattan are generally safe, and the city has experienced a dramatic drop in its crime rate in recent years. Nevertheless, New York is a major metropolis, and you should always stay alert and use common sense.
Before you shop the City's many electronics stores, read the following shopping tips from the Dept. of Consumer Affairs:
Private corporations own telephone systems in the United States, so rates for wireless and fixed-line long-distance service and operator-assisted calls can vary widely. Therefore, we suggest you never place a long-distance or international call from a pay phone using your credit card without first knowing what rates you will be charged! We also recommend that before using your hotel phone, you ask your hotel what surcharges and taxes they apply to long-distance and local calls. You will find that they are often much more than what you would like to pay, and a simple trip down to the hotel lobby pay telephone may be well worth the hassle.