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Best Irish Pubs in New York

Do you know where to find the tried-and-true Irish pubs in New York? We've put together a list that'll keep you away from the postured, pre-fabricated imposters and in the shamrock glow. For the best dark, heavy-wood bar counters, frosted mirrors, at least two Guinness taps, check out our list!

Map & Directions
thumbBlack Sheep
583 3rd Ave,
Manhattan, NY, 10016
Scores of imported beers and ales and the antique decor of a true Irish pub.
(347) 643-9911
191 Smith Street,
Brooklyn, NY, 11201
Irish natives Loretta Heaney and Samantha Meehan's Ceol is a piece of the ol' heath in Carroll Gardens, with plenty of Irish music throughout the month!
thumbThe Dead Poet
(212) 595-5670
450 Amsterdam Ave,
Manhattan, NY, 10024
A teensy Irish pub that attracts big drinkers. So many poets died drinking in NYC; here is the place to drink spirits in their honor.
Doc Watson's
(212) 988-5300
1490 2nd Ave,
Manhattan, NY, 10021
Bustling Irish pub on the Upper East Side.
Dublin House
(212) 874-9528
225 West 79th Street,
Manhattan, NY, 10024
(212) 725-9440
531 2nd Ave,
Manhattan, NY, 10016
Even if you live on the other side of the planet, you know you are home when you walk into Failte Irish Whiskey Bar. The first floor transports you to a rustic pub in Ireland with a roaring fireplace, a wattle and daub ceilin more...
George Keeley
(212) 873-0251
485 Amsterdam Ave,
Manhattan, NY, 10024
Fine ales and lagers with a wonderful pub menu and the requisite on-screen sports. George Keeley's is a beer drinker's bar. If you enjoy expanding your tastes and trying beers from all over the world, there is no place else to be. There is always a crowd buzzing around the dartboards.
Killarney Rose
(212) 422-1486
127 Pearl Street,
Manhattan, NY, 10004
One of the many well-worn Irish bars of Manhattan, a place to call your very own...and be able to walk out with money still in your wallet.
Landmark Tavern
(212) 757-8595
626 11th Ave,
Manhattan, NY, 10036
New York's classic saloon bar since 1868.
thumbMcSorley's Old Ale House
(212) 254-2570
15 East 7th Street,
Manhattan, NY, 10003
Superlatives abound when you are talking about one of New York's oldest continuously-operating bars. McSorley's is so old, in fact, that it it might as well have come with the colony when the British bought i more...
thumbMolly Wee Pub
(212) 967-2627
402 8th Ave,
Manhattan, NY, 10001
The Molly Wee is like an old long-lost friend; it will be there for you when needed. Very convenient to Penn Station and Madison Square Garden, it's the ideal location to down a few pints before or after a show or whil more...
(212) 889-3361
287 3rd Ave,
Bronx, NY, 10010
Ah, Molly's. The name suggests an authentic recreation or worthy approximation of a pub in Ireland, and that's just what you get.
thumbMug's Alehouse
(718) 486-8232
125 Bedford Ave,
Brooklyn, NY, 11211
Williamsburg isn't wanting for bars, but Mug's Ale House is a welcome addition, serving college kids a scholarly selection of notable beers in an oaken tavern.
Paddy Maguire's Ale House
(212) 253-0031
237 3rd Ave,
Bronx, NY, 10003
Irish pub saturated with locals and Gaelic charm.
thumbPaddy Reilly's
(212) 686-1210
519 2nd Ave,
Manhattan, NY, 10016
Paddy’s a great place to listen Irish rock from the likes of Black 47 and The Prodigals while drinking the ample Guinness provided on-tap—the bar is, after all, the "first and only" all-draught Guinness bar. Just stay away from the Budweiser and all of its variants if you want any respect.
Rocky Sullivan's
(718) 246-8050
34 Van Dyke Street,
Brooklyn, NY, 11231
Irish pub with real Red Hook grit and a kitchen that serves up traditional bar food and brick-oven fired pizzas.
(212) 477-0030
209 East 5th Street,
Manhattan, NY, 10003
Back in Ireland, when you say you're going to the scratcher, it means you're off to bed. Drink enough pints of Guinness or Boddington's on tap here, and you get the picture. While you might generally avoid the Irish fare a more...
(212) 253-7030
304 Bowery,
Manhattan, NY, 10012
Sports (that means soccer, which means football) and suds in the East Village.
(212) 629-6191
133 West 33rd Street,
Manhattan, NY, 10001
If you're looking for an out-sized Irish experience that smacks of Midtown, Stout is the place to go. With 16,000 square feet and three floors of mend-bending space, it's about as public a house as a pub can be, with decibel more...
Tir Na Nog
(212) 630-0249
5 Penn Plaza,
Manhattan, NY, 10001
A piece of Ireland in the heart of midtown Manhattan. Tir na nOg offers the warmth of an Irish pub with a new American menu. The bar boasts 22 draft beers from Ireland, Belgium, England and American craft breweries. A small bu more...
thumbUlysses' Folk House
(212) 482-0400
95 Pearl Street,
Manhattan, NY, 10004
A busy pub in the Financial District, Ulysses makes a great hangout after a long day in the office. With outdoor seating on Stone Street (terrific in warm weather) as well as lots of space to chill out and relax, you'll find the place packed during a busy happy hour.
thumbWhite Horse Tavern
(212) 989-3956
567 Hudson Street,
Manhattan, NY, 10014
Vastly popular for over 100 years, dead poet Dylan Thomas drank his last here, then staggered off and died the next morning. Perhaps that explains why the White Horse Tavern remains eternally hip with the college more...