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7 World Trade Center

(212) 551-7355
250 Greenwich St.
Manhattan, NY 10007
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The new 7 World Trade Center opened in May 2006, and has 52 stories, is 741 feet tall, and has been touted as the safest skyscraper in the world. The elevators have two feet of reinforced concrete and are fireproofed, while the stairways are wider and the steel columns are thickly fire-proofed as well.

The original 7 World Trade Center opened in 1987, but was damaged by debris and destroyed by fire following the September 11th attacks. The building’s reopening was marked by a free concert featuring Lou Reed, Suzanne Vega, and Citizen Cope among other New York-based artists. The building’s upper floors have since hosted various charity functions, fashion shows and other black-tie galas in order to bring attention to the revitalization of lower Manhattan.

In addition to its high profile security features, the building’s exterior is aesthetically pleasing as well. David Childs along with Glass artist James Carpenter created a glossy stainless-steel and low iron glass design which reflects sunlight. Additionally, the base of the building has a curtain wall made of stainless steel louvers which also reflects light during the day, while at night it is illuminated with blue LED lights. A large cube of light above the lobby also shines a white light during the day and emanates blue at night. At dusk you can watch it colorfully transition from violet to black to blue. The lobby itself contains a large light installation which features glowing text from selected poems moving across plastic panels. The installation spans 65 feet wide and 14 feet tall.

The building has also been certified New York’s first “Green” office tower. Nearly 30 percent of the structural steel used in the building consists of recycled material. Additionally rain water is collected and used to irrigate the park, as well as cool the building. Heating steam is even reused to generate some of the building’s power, which is metered in order to encourage tenants to conserve energy.
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Telephone: (212) 551-7355
Address: 250 Greenwich St.
Manhattan NY 10007
Neighborhood: Financial District
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